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Keystroke Logger Softwares

If you want to record all typed characters on a phone or computer, then you may need a keylogger – keystroke logger software with a keylogging feature.

Of course, if you want to do this process in great secrecy, you may be considering and wanting to use the most comprehensive features of these apps.

Today, there are very advanced keylogger applications that can be used for both computers and smart phones, whose only function is not keystroke logging, but also with dozens of functions.

In this article, we will talk about a keystroke logger softwares that will offer you a complete remote monitoring with its most comprehensive features.

Keystroke Logger Software Types

Keystroke logger apps with keylogger feature should be divided into two as software keyloggers and hardware keyloggers. In this article, we will talk about the most functional software keyloggers.

Software keyloggers are tiny software that can be installed on a computer or a smart phone and can run on that device in the background without warning.

We can classify these key logger applications as Android Keylogger, iPhone, Windows and Mac Key logger according to their features and compatibility.

Today, there are different versions of keylogging software, which are equipped with the most comprehensive features, that can be used on all these devices.

Best Keylogger Softwares

Our recommendation to you will be Win-Spy or ikeymonitor  both with the abundance of features included and the variety of devices on which it can be used.

Win-Spy is a software that allows you to easily track an Android phone or a computer, thanks to its comprehensive tracking functions.


A software that, when installed on an Android or IOS phone, can transmit all the activities done with that phone to its user. It has dozens of features not only as keylogging, but also secretly watching cameras, taking photos, location tracking, tracking whatsapp and other social messaging applications.


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Some Features of Win-Spy & iKeymonitor


Mobile Spy not only records all phone calls, you can also remotely record and listen-in to conversations and sounds happening around the phone directly through its microphone as if you were in the room.


Remotely see and take pictures through the Android’s front and/or back camera. A very powerful feature when used in conjunction with live GPS tracking.


Check the Android’s real-time location as well as previous whereabouts via Google Maps, right down to the address; includes timestamp and the duration of the visit. Very powerful when used with the remote camera and audio recording.


Remotely take a snapshot of what’s taking place on the Android’s screen. Great for capturing conversations and websites that would normally go unseen.


With PC Spy you can view remote pc data from anywhere in the World. Even if the data was deleted on the PC it will still be recorded on our server.


Captures Webcam images are sent to our server. Webcam captures images only when motion is detected.

You can monitor multiple PC from one dashboard and review the data at a latter time. This can be good if you are monitoring remote workers.

Monitor Remote PC and Mobile Device from one dashboard.