Katharine mcphee accidentally bakes ipad

mcphee accidentally bakes ipad

Katharine mcphee accidentally bakes ipad; Katharine McPhee Foster recently had a hilariously relatable mom moment. As she was getting ready to prepare a meal, the 38-year-old actress and musician was shocked to discover that she had unintentionally left her toddler son’s iPad inside the oven. She had stashed it there temporarily, and the situation quickly turned into a comedy of errors.

This amusing incident was captured in a video that McPhee Foster shared on her Instagram Story. She playfully captioned the video, saying, “Just over here cooking iPads,” along with a couple of facepalm emojis. She explained, “I tried to hide it and forgot it was in there while [heating] up the oven for my chicken special.”

A friend named Kelly Viavattine managed to capture the moment when McPhee Foster realized that the strange smell emanating from her preheating oven was, in fact, the scent of an electronic device in distress. She cautiously opened the oven and confirmed her suspicions, initially trying to retrieve it with a dish towel, only to realize that it required a more delicate touch.

McPhee Foster humorously explained the situation, saying, “The iPad is in the oven because he kept asking for it.” As she assessed the predicament, her 2½-year-old son, Rennie David, chimed in with a plaintive, “Help me, Mommy,” fully aware of what had befallen his cherished device.


She quickly grabbed some oven mitts and carefully retrieved the iPad from the oven, commenting, “Oh my God, it smells really bad.” She then moved towards the sink with the device in hand, with the intention of taking it out of the house as the video came to a close.

Back in October, Katharine McPhee Foster and her husband David Foster spoke to PEOPLE about their son’s emerging musical interests. David Foster expressed their uncertainty, saying, “We think [he’ll be musical], but we don’t know. Kids, strangely, will do something for a while and then it’ll amaze you, and then they just drop it and they don’t do it anymore.”

He humorously added, “So we don’t know if the drumming thing is here to stay — I’d rather he have a tennis racket in his hand than a drumstick, to tell you the truth. But anyway, if he ends up being a drummer, that would be great too. He loves watching our drummer, JR Robinson.”

During an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show earlier this year, the American Idol alum discussed the idea of expanding her family with her husband and shared her feelings about motherhood.

“I would love to have another baby, but we’ll see,” said McPhee Foster, as the in-studio audience cheered in response.

She went on to say, “We’re not in any crazy rush, but I hope so,” while speaking to the host. She added with a warm smile, “I love being a mom, I really love it.”

McPhee accidentally ended up baking her son Rennie’s iPad in the oven when she put it there “to hide it.” She explained in the clip, “The iPad is in the oven because he kept asking for it.”

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