1: Create Mspy Demo Account

It is very easy to download Phone Tracking Program mSpy apk and use 7 days free trial version. First, you need to create your mspy online trial account. If you have an e-mail address, you can create your user account immediately.


Download the appropriate MSPY APK program and install mspy according to the Android or IOS device you want to monitor.

3: MSpy Login

That’s it. You can now log in to your mspy online user panel and follow the data from the device you have installed.

Download Mspy Apk Online and Free Trial for 7 Days with Full Feature

The myspy parental control smart phone monitoring software, which is at the top of the list of the best phone tracking software, will be your biggest assistant in relieving your worries with its high quality service and maximum monitoring functions.

mspy panel
MSPY apk

Control Easier With Parental Control Program Mspy

It is very important for parents to make sure their children are safe online. Mspy is a remote monitoring software that will be your biggest assistant in this regard. You can install the Myspy program in a very short time and you can follow up remotely from your online user panel. You can now have a free trial for 7 days and test the online tracking functions that mspy offers you.

Mspy Current Question Answer

What are the transactions after mspy purchase?

Immediately after payment, you should check your email inbox for the welcome email. Be sure to check both inbox and spam folders. The welcome email contains your personal Control Panel and a link to login information. Follow the link and log into your Control Panel, where you can continue with the Setup Wizard. It will walk you through the installation process and help you sync the new device.

Does mspy provide technical support?

Phone Tracker Software m spy offers technical assistance on several platforms:

Free service-e-mail support, live chat assistance.
Paid phone support – 24/7 personalized customer support at every step of the setup process in addition to free support.
mAssistance – 24/7 technical assistance via live chat and email, configuration and over the phone, mSpy ™ installation with Team Viewer, VIP root assistance.
Paid phone support and mAssistance services are optional and non-refundable.

How to install mSpy on iOS?

No setup required for iOS. You must provide the iCloud credentials of the target device. After you enter iCloud credentials in your Control Panel, mSpy ™ connects the target iOS device with your personal mSpy ™ account and initiates synchronization. Physical access to the iPhone may be required if 2-step authentication is enabled.

How to install mSpy on Android?

Complete the order and login to the Control Panel with the login provided by the welcome email. Follow the instructions in your Panel to download and install the application. If you want to use premium mSpy ™ features, your device must be rooted. The root process is not complicated and our support team can provide technical support throughout the process.

Where can I see information on the device?

After the software is installed on the device, the information is automatically displayed on the personal Control Panel accessible from any browser.

How often is the information updated?

If you are using mSpy on iOS, you can check the information on the Control Panel within 24 hours after the last backup was made.

If you are using mSpy on Android, you will receive updates from the Control Panel according to the update interval you choose.

How many devices does the subscription cover?

A subscription plan covers only one device. If you want to add the second device, get another subscription.

Can I change devices without changing subscription?

Yes You can switch to a different device within the same subscription at no additional cost.

Will I be notified if the application is uninstalled?

Yes You will receive a notification if the application is removed from the device.

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